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Anxious Thoughts: A Blessed Redirection

My last post describes my tendency to get swept into the swirl of anxious thoughts that often spew, uninvited, through my mind.
This thought-pattern God is uncovering is one I didn’t even realize as a part of my life.And I am recognizing—even this very moment as I type—that the hands doing this uncovering are those of a loving, gentle, powerful Father providing firm guidance.Guidance my life needs.Guidance my heart craves.
He is continuing to speak truth about my tendency towards anxious thoughts . . . .And I wonder whether I’m the only one who might benefit from hearing what He seems to be saying.
For most of my life, I’ve believed that this experience: the unexpected and overwhelming flood of worried thoughts, the chokehold of worry, the careful, fear-motivated efforts to avoid each “worst case scenario,” the compulsion to make absolutely sure that I am not the failure that these thoughts suggest . . . . For most of my life, I’ve mis-labeled this experience as God’s conviction.
It’s on…

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