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Moms N More--Fall 2014 Introduction (MNM 1)

Fourteen years ago, my husband, Tommy, and I took our first, tentative steps into parenthood when we brought home our son, Case.  Only a few months later, we were more than a little surprised to learn that a daughter was on her way.  Callie Jo arrived seventeen months after Case’s birth, and what followed was the season of life you are now in the midst of—the sweet-but-sleep-deprived season of mothering young children.  During those years, I attended Fellowship Church's Moms N More group just as you are now, and I’m so grateful for the women who encouraged me along that stretch of the journey.
Fast forward a decade or so, and my children were making their way through elementary school.At that time, I was offered an invitation to return to full-time teaching, which I accepted.That was four years ago, and I continue to serve on English faculty at Pellissippi State Community College, where I enjoy the opportunity to invest some of my time and energy into the lives of my students and c…