Friday, January 18, 2013

Cherish Circle

Cherished makes me think of
precious makes me think of
valuable makes me think of
worthy makes me think of
Brene Brown makes me think of
unashamed makes me think of the lovely
Nichole Nordeman song I heard yesterday that sings about how
God loves me anyway makes me think of how
crazy-important it is for me to let
Every. Single. Person. In. My. Life.  know that
he or she is worthy makes me
anxious about how I parent makes me realize

my  shortcomings  are  rooted  in  my  own  sense  of  unworthiness  

 makes me wonder:

how do I nurture this knowledge in myself? makes me see all over again my tendency to
look to friends and family as the source for my worth makes me realize this
tendency could be misguided makes me remember everyone always saying,
 “Christ is the only source for your worthiness” makes me
wonder (again!):
How in the world am I supposed to
Know-for-sure-in-my-gut that the
All-Mighty Creator of this
whole gi-normous universe
(and little me)
sees me
as flawed-shameful-sinful-weak-feeble-foolish
but instead as,

[Truth-telling disclaimer:  5 minutes' writing time, 30 minutes' formatting all those words.]

Monday, January 14, 2013


They've rested in the depths for decades,

these questions, these thoughts.

Their whispers bubble up,

Inviting me to come,

to see,

to ponder.

The sunny surface glitters,

seems the perfect combination of bright warmth and liquid cool,

but sometimes the shine grows tiresome,

becomes a glare.

So I take a deep gulp,

and swim down.

I peer through the murk

sustained only for that single breath.

Seconds before my feet must push from the bottom,

I reach out,

take one of the treasures

and return to the surface

where I examine it

under the blue sky

and decide 
whether to give its whispers

a voice.


Your turn now . . . . .  

*  What are some of the thoughts that lay dormant in your mind?  

*  Do you ever wonder whether there's value in un-anchoring them, bringing them to the surface, giving them words? 

*  How does it feel to consider this possibility?

*  If you did show them to the light, what might they tell you?  What might they tell others?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Word

I asked for a word.

The response seemed Providential in its familiarity with my penchant for making almost anything unnecessarily complicated:

Not just a single word, but a single syllable.

An invitation
to shake off shadow and wake to wonder.

It has echoed through these dozen months
sometimes singing
often haunting
always reminding
(though I’ve not always heeded).

Giving me permission to pry
my eyes from fear (and its death-bringing clutches),
and, instead,
to look up,
fastening my faith to what will come,
and trust that it is Good.

Powerful, that word.