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Enough:  A definition.

It is less thanabundant. Not a flood. Not a profusion. Not overwhelming, chill-bump-giving, tear-triggering extravagance. No.
It’s also more thannot enough. More thaninsufficient. More thancomingup short. More than overwhelming, fear-provokingemptiness-before-the-need-is-met. No.
Enough is sufficient. Just the right number of bites. Exactly the correct count of paper bills & jingling coins. Finishing right on time. Nothing left over.
So . . . . What does enoughfaith look like?  What does enoughjoy look like? What does enough peace look like?
And . . . . With my sometimes-paltry supply of these Spirit-fruits, am I enough?
It may not matter, after all.
For You are Yourself sufficient.
The word enough made flesh.
You are adequate, ample, plenty, sufficient, so that I, in my cracked-clay vessel, do not have to be.

July 20th

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