the man

Remembering the man

whose need
was greater than any I’d ever seen.
The one whose eyes
mine were not brave enough to meet.

Remembering how I
walked past,
not for lack of sympathy
but for doubt
in my ability
to do any real good.

Remembering the realization
(far after the fact)--
His invitation
(my calling):
not to cure,
or to solve,
but (then,
to pause,
to meet eyes,
to share
what little I do have.


  1. Oooh, this is some good stuff. Yes, this is so important. Why don't we remember this: that we're not called to solve every problem, but that doesn't mean we can't care.

    And a poem! I love this Five Minute Friday thing. How one word leads to so many different expressions.


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