Hope Proof

[A little note of introduction:  In January, I spent some time contemplating and writing about the reference to generosity in Proverbs 31 (31.20).  My mind continues to linger on a question:  So often, my own generosity leans all too heavily on the levels of abundance I'm experiencing in my own life--material, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise.  Yet this tendency doesn't seem quite right.  Perhaps it's a misguided goal, but I wish to remain open-handed, regardless of my own state-of-heart.  The fact, though, is that I often find myself falling short.  Hence, this meditation.]

These HANDS betray my HOPE (or lack) 
as they
give or take away
cherish or discard
deliver comfortor inflict pain
offer or withhold
receive or reject
make available or snatch away

They can be clenched tightly or relaxed


Open hands are ready hands
willing to lend
eager to embrace
POISED to  provide

My own hands open most readily when they are

grateful for blessings
grieving shortcomings
needing strength
mourning disappointment
voicing questions
pleading for others
relinquishing self

Willing to acknowledge lack
unafraid to anticipate Response

Hands that pray and also

watch for grace
anticipate provision
imagine redemption
look for strength
wait for joy
trust mercy
believe truth




  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. This is very beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Sorry it has taken so long for me to hop over here.


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