Making a Little Room

Tonight, I had the delicious opportunity to reconnect with a friend over dinner.  Our time together reminded me about one of my favorite qualities in a person—a trait that this friend possesses in abundance:  the ability (and willingness) to ask great questions.  The kinds of questions that create room for meandering conversations about what we’re thinking and feeling, doubting and believing.

Our conversation uncovered, I think, one reason behind this new adventure that is shadowwonder:  I long for those kinds of conversations, and that longing is part of my DNA.  It simply will not be ignored for any real length of time.   For proof, just ask my husband.  :-) 

It’s true:  I have things to say.  But I also relish the opportunity to listen.

Obviously, I’m the one here who’s done most of the talking so far.  But I constantly find myself wanting to hear from you.  Partly to know a little about the people who are dropping by my little spot in blog-land.  (And thank you, by the way.  Your visits make my heart smile.  Really.) 

But also because I wonder whether this might be a place for conversations. And I'd like to make room for more than my own musings. 

{A sidebar:  One of the mixed blessings of blogging--beyond the sheer miracle of anyone even reading--is that I can see when a post has been viewed, and even the countries from which viewers hail.  It's definitely cool to know when someone has stopped by, and to see visitors from places I haven't even heard of.  Love, love, love that.  

But (naturally), this piques my curiosity:  Who are these kind people?  More aptly put:  Who are you?  What prompts you to visit my little blog-home?  Was it an accident, or on purpose?  What do you experience while you're here?  Do you come back, or does each day bring a new set of visitors?

While these questions cross my mind, I also enjoy the anonymity blogging affords--for all of us.  The last thing I want is for my blog-friends to feel the pressure to create some shiny, hip, photo-shopped image of ourselves (hence the omission of my name or a bio).  I don't want this to be about marketing or image (and I so see my own propensity to do just that!), so I'm wanting to resist the pressure (and the artificiality) of depicting myself in a way that will be attractive or appealing.  I want visitors to enjoy that same un-pressure.  You don't have to have a cute pic, a catchy bio, or a profound comment to be welcome here, though it's okay if you do.  I enjoy reading them.  :-) 

All of that to say, I'm grateful to have you as my guests, and I want to be a good host.  So I have mixed feelings about asking you to "reveal" yourselves.  Maybe anonymity is a good thing.}

Anyhoo . . .  despite my ambivalence . . . I’m going to follow my friend’s example and ask what I hope are a few questions you might want to answer.  Here goes:

*     What is one part of this freshly-minted spring season that you’re especially enjoying at the moment?

*     What is an adjective a family would use to characterize you?  And how would a stranger describe you?

*     What is one quality or trait you wish to possess, but don’t?

*     What’s a subject that's been flitting around your mind for awhile?  Something that you’d love to talk about? What do you have to say about it?

They aren’t quite as good as my friend’s, but maybe you’ll want to answer one of them . . . or more.  
First, I suppose I should start with me.  

I'm loving the redbuds this week.  They are in full bloom, and their bright color always catches my eye.  

I wonder myself how my family would describe me . . . . hmmmm . . . I made up a tough one, huh?  I'll have to think about that one.  A stranger would definitely say I'm a fast (and occasionally dangerous) walker.  I've come too close to causing a handful of near-collisions, especially when rounding blind corners on sidewalks or in hallways.

There are lots of traits I wish to possess:  an eternally cheerful outlook is probably at the top of that list; being more laid back is there too.
A surefire source of joy?  A warm welcome--definitely a smile and a hello, eye contact, and even a hug (though, strangely, I'm not likely to initiate that last part).

And I guess today's blog post pretty much says what I want to talk about today . . . . That would be you, my blog-friends.

So now it's your turn.   Go ahead.  Scroll on down, claim that empty comment box, and fill it up.

I can't wait to see what you have to say.  


  1. Loving the incredible and subtly different shades of green...and the bright red and yellow tulips in my yard...and the birds' songs...and the promise that He makes all things new!

    1. Isn't this season amazing, and such a picture of renewal?? I'm so grateful that it's finally HERE!

  2. I love watching the bunnies frolic and hear the many birds' symphony of song. I also love the smell of fresh cut grass, blue skies, sun on my face, and yes, even the rain. I am given hope every spring...that God does still raise the dead to life. He shows us this every year. And that keeps me moving forward on days that are tougher than others. On those days that feel like Friday (the cross), but yet I know that Sunday (the resurrection) is coming. HE is coming.

  3. I love your reminder about death days and resurrection days. I need to remember that . . . . . thanks!!

  4. I think the shadowy times in life give us great vision - we give our hearts a chance to see what we cannot see with our eyes. I remember 2 Christmas' ago . . . a hard time for me. I am standing in line at Target, every checkout line open with long lines of people waiting to purchase their items. I looked around . . . and my heart began to wonder what might be going on in the lives of the glazed-over faces that stared back at me. What joy, what struggle, what pain, what journey might lie behind the mundane activity in any one of these people's lives? There really is more than meets the eye . . . we just have to open our hearts long enough to wonder in the midst of shadows.

  5. Katy, I love your insight. You're right . . . .it's so easy, when we're in our own hazy season, to forget we aren't the only one with things that are weighing heavy, or giving us joy.

    Thanks for visiting, and blessings to you.


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