You’ll need to make it engaging.
So articulate your ideas really well.

Don’t give anyone an opportunity to think you’re less-than-smart.
Be sure your information is correct.
Avoid saying anything illogical.
And by all means, don’t embarrass yourself by writing anything stupid.

And you could make any sort of grammatical error. 
That would be ironic.  And unfortunate.

You’ll want to avoid saying what someone else has already said.
And don't be predictable.

Be sure you’ll like what you wrote today when you read it tomorrow.

Keep your guard up.
Don’t reveal your flaws. 
That means no over-shares.
Because someone could laugh when they read this.
Someone else might feel sorry for you.

You want it to be important.
Because if it’s not profound, it’s not worth posting.

Maybe someone will read it.
You’ll be lucky if someone actually likes it.

I’m not sure why anyone would want to know what you have to say.

No one wants to hear from someone who is closed-minded.
Which you probably are, but you just don’t realize it.
But don’t let your conservative friends know how open-minded you wish you were.

Avoid mediocre writing.

And definitely avoid anything less than mediocre writing.

But remember:  it’s hard to recognize mediocre writing when it’s your own material. 

So you might not even want to start.


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