Prayer for a bent world from a bent heart

Silent night. Holy night.
Now is calm. All is quiet.
Family—father, mother, child.
Day’s work ceases; rest awhile.
Sleep in dreams of peace.
Sleep in dreams of peace.

Shining dawn. Shadow falls.
Children quake at the sight.

Evil streams its blackness nigh,
scatters heart-rent stain.  All cry:
“Human darkness, born!"
Christ, our darkness born.

Silent night. Desperate night.
Son of God.  Love’s pure light?
Sorrow's trail on mother’s face
blurs all vision. Hidden grace.
Plead “Emmanuel."
Come, Emmanuel.

Silent light.  Holy light.
Cure our souls.
Heal our blight.
Cancel Darkness, take its place.
World relent to redeeming Grace.
Bring Your promised peace.
Christ! Oh be our Peace.


  1. A universal heart cry. Thanks for putting our heart pain into words!!


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