They've rested in the depths for decades,

these questions, these thoughts.

Their whispers bubble up,

Inviting me to come,

to see,

to ponder.

The sunny surface glitters,

seems the perfect combination of bright warmth and liquid cool,

but sometimes the shine grows tiresome,

becomes a glare.

So I take a deep gulp,

and swim down.

I peer through the murk

sustained only for that single breath.

Seconds before my feet must push from the bottom,

I reach out,

take one of the treasures

and return to the surface

where I examine it

under the blue sky

and decide 
whether to give its whispers

a voice.


Your turn now . . . . .  

*  What are some of the thoughts that lay dormant in your mind?  

*  Do you ever wonder whether there's value in un-anchoring them, bringing them to the surface, giving them words? 

*  How does it feel to consider this possibility?

*  If you did show them to the light, what might they tell you?  What might they tell others?


  1. WOW! Beautiful images. I could literally be diving for shells at the beach, or figuratively diving into my writing. Either way - so relaxing.


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