summer. love.

Summer’s here.
I’m for that.
Got my rubber sandals.
Got my straw hat.
Drinking cold [root] beer. J
I’m just glad that it’s here.

Summer’s here.
That suits me fine.
It may rain today, but I don’t mind.
It’s my favorite time of the year, and I’m glad that it’s here.
--James Taylor

The last few days have found me taking lots of deep breaths.  It’s summer.  Finally!  I love how looking ahead doesn’t reveal much more than days that stretch out like the horizon in the Texas panhandle.   For me, these first, fresh days of early summer are the most delicious time of the year.

And, being partly a planner, I’m finding myself starting mental lists of various projects I’d like to accomplish.   Housecleaning, gardening, reading, games . . . . . If I started planning now, I could get oh-so-so much done.  I mean, 90 days is a long time, right?

But I really have to be careful about that, since my well-developed tendency to overschedule can end up causing its fair share of problems.  And, as a mom friend mentioned on the last day of school, I’m mostly looking forward to this: simply not rushing.  So I need to carefully, prayerfully consider just what things land on the “to-do” list, if the slow pace is going to actually happen.

There is one thing, though, that I’m determined to include during the break.  More to come on that very soon.  But in the meantime, what projects are you considering?  Or (maybe more importantly), what sorts of things would you like to leave off your to-do list?


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