Middle School Miracle--Part Two

Well into the second decade of mothering now, she still struggles to see evidence of the seeds she labors to plant.

She talks about compassion, then watches one child’s steely-hearted dismissal of a sibling’s sorrow.

She prays for their unselfish kindness, then hears today’s version of the dispute over the front seat.

She asks for gentle patience—offers them a glimpse into her own struggle—then loses count of the opportunities they take to bicker over petty annoyances.

It’s this part of parenting —

the unexpected, unrelenting, sometimes unwanted invitation to navigate the day-to-day;

the countless encounters with what looks like less-than-love; 

the exhaustion of waiting-and-watching-and-wondering-and worrying over whether the seeds will sprout;

the hushing of a quiet question: “this seed-scattering, this watering, this careful tending of their souls’ soil:  is it all for naught?”

Yes.  It’s this part of parenting that digs deep, disturbs, discourages, drains.

And it’s this part of parenting that gives a shimmer to these words, each morning she chooses to remember, to hope:

Let us not lose heart and grow weary.
Let us not give up, or relax our courage.
For in due time,
at the appointed season,
we shall see those seeds
pushing up
and out
and into the day.  


  1. Beautiful truth Anne. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, as always for reading, Sheppard! You ARE an enCOURAGEr!

  2. Anne - your words definitely landed in my heart. Thanks for sharing part of yours. It has encouraged me to keep planting the seeds, tending the soil, watering, and pulling the weeds... in their lives and mine.

    1. Thanks, Diana, for reading and commenting! There is so much repetition, isn't there. And it's usually my own heart that needs the most tending. . . . . So true!


  3. As we enter this time of national and personal thanksgiving, please know that your wise and gracious words are gifts for which I am always thankful, but today, they highlight this time of thanksgiving for us as a community. Much love, MJ


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