Even Me

Yesterday’s post--a strange brew of mystery and venting--ended with an invitation to guess the identity of this person who causes me (and, perhaps, a few others) no small amount of angst.  Surely by now, you’ve figured out who this is: the woman depicted in chapter 31 of the Old Testament wisdom text, Proverbs.

Hopefully, you’ve also had a few minutes to peek at some of the other blogs about this powerful portion of scripture.  Each writer will spend ten days discussing one verse from the chapter.  Although I can’t speak for the other bloggers, I’ll say that I’m happy to be writing about only one verse.  Relieved might be a better word.

This is partly because I don’t think I’m completely equipped to examine (much less emulate) each one of the many, many traits that this super-woman possesses.  Obviously, she intimidates me, and rightly so.  Because, let’s face it:  She is nothing short of amazing.  Which makes me feel, well, less-than amazing.

So I’ll gladly start with the one passage I’ve been contemplating, which says: 

She welcomes the poor and helps the needy. 

Right from the get-go, I know this:  I identify more closely with the poor, needy folks than the woman who so generously reaches out to them.  I’ve certainly not experienced material poverty, but I'm well-acquainted with the emotional and spiritual versions.   Like I’m barely making it sometimes.  Like I’m not sure I have all that much to offer. 

And maybe that’s a good place to start.

After all, the open-handed kindness this woman demonstrates towards those with needs is a reflection of my own heavenly Father’s abundant generosity towards anyone who has known poverty, whether it’s the spiritual, emotional, physical, or material kind. 

Even towards you . . . . . . Even towards me.

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  1. At this very moment, struggling to extend kindness. Rereading the post with a prayer on my heart. Thanks!


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