One Word

A few days ago, I awakened with a single syllable echoing in my mind.  Not long or complex, but brief.  Clear.  Not burdensome or punitive, but light.  Inviting.   Not obsessed with the past, but future-oriented.   One simple word.     


A verb meaning to cherish a desire with anticipation.  To expect with confidence.

A noun describing the expectation of fulfillment or success.  Something or someone on which desires are centered. 

A lovely, buoyant word.  But for me, also, challenging.  Strangely enough, maybe even frightening. 

When I look at my day-to-day thinking, it’s easy to see that I tend towards the antonyms.  Doubt.  Worry.   Question.  Fear.  Distrust.   

These feel much safer.  They are known territory.  They protect me from disappointment and unmet expectations.  They provide unhealthy motivation, fueling my feverish efforts to avoid the bad and unwanted, instead of encouraging me to pursue things that are worth longing for.

I'm not sure how this word will eclipse the others that so often get my attention.  But I think I’ve been given an invitation to try.  


  1. It does seem that this word invites you to do less, doesn't it? The simplicity of it implies waiting and over of power.

  2. Hmmmmmm ... Maybe a visit or two to our little HOPE Community church?? Would love to see you friend!! Good post! Thank you!
    Blessings ...

  3. This post is fresh air to me. Thank you...

  4. I learned a lot about that word while carrying Thad. I hesitated to pray boldly for a successful pregnancy in light of my previous miscarriages. But I learned so much about how God wants me to hope in the face of all that seems to oppose us, because He is greater. I learned that the greatest opposition standing between me and "hope" was my own doubt, to protect myself. But dear friends taught me to pray boldly and I have tried to apply that to other situations that have come my way since...including a present situation. Thanks for reminding me of all of these things by inspiring me to remember all that I was taught. It's so easy to forget. Thanks friend!


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