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Just who are the needy, anyway?   Where do I find them?   Will they come to me, or do I have to go looking?  Are material things sufficient?  Must I always share the gospel?  What if that’s not my gift?  What if I’m not naturally a generous person?  Do I give only when have something to share?  What if I give so much of my own resources that I’m left with an inadequate supply?  What if my efforts don’t really make a measurable difference?   How much can one kind deed really accomplish anyway?  What if the one to whom I reach out rejects me?  Spurns me?  Tries to harm me?  Tries to harm my kids?  Sees that I’m making it about me?  Recognizes my arroganceGod already knows my motivations are a mixed bag, right?  What if I’m really just enabling?  What if I overlook a real need in order to avoid enabling?  What if I run all out of “nice before the need is filled?  Is there anyone to whom I shouldn’t extend a hand? Am I to be generous to everyone?  Is PRAYING for the poor enoughWhen is it my turn to be on the receiving end? Do I get a reprieve?  When do I get a reprieve?  {What kind of Christian would need a reprieve, anyway?}   How much do I have to give?  How much do I have to give up?  How often?  What really counts?

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  1. Alot of great questions. I think the needy are all those around us. Not just those needy in terms of money and resources but needy spiritually, relationally, familial and so on. We have to keep ours eyes and ears open to know who in our lives are in need. Whether the man with the sign on the corner, the woman in the convalescent home with no family who will visit her, the man holding the sign on the street, our family. Sometimes those in most need of our love, grace, kindness and giving heart are those we tend to take most for granted: our family.

  2. very thought proving post....excuses, fears all kinds of emotions!


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