Mystery Girl

I like to think I can get along with just about anyone.  That tendency is put to the test on a regular basis in my workplace, where I encounter community college students who come from a range of capabilities, backgrounds, ethnicities, classes, and worldviews.  And I love the challenge of finding something to appreciate about everyone one of them.  After all, God made each of them with His own hands.  There isn’t a single one who doesn’t have His fingerprints all over him or her. 

This person, though . . . . . well, let’s just say she puts that characteristic to the test.  When I was younger, I sort of liked her, in an admiring-from-a-distance, I-wanna-grow-up-to-be-just-like-her, gooey-eyed way.   With each passing year, though, she gets a little tougher for me to be around.  Truth be told, I’m not sure I like her all the time.   Just thinking about her brings the opening riff of David Bowie’s “Pressure” immediately to mind.  My heart rate goes up, my palms start sweating, and I feel a sudden compulsion to think about something--anything--else.

Only I can’t, because my mind is already churning . . . 

*     Is she really only one woman, or does she have clones hiding out somewhere?

*     Just how does she get all that stuff done everyday??

*     If I did decide to follow in her footsteps, how many months (or, more realistically, years) do I have to get through her “to do” list even one time?

*     Does she ever get plain old crabby?  I’ve never seen it, but come on.

*     Most importantly, when does the girl sleep?

Sometimes I put her on a pedestal; other times, she’s sort of a bad dream.  Most of the time I respect her, but sometimes I wish I’d never met her. 

And I can’t tell you how glad I am that she’s not on facebook.  I’d be blocking her updates for sure.


Now my little rant is over, maybe you're feeling sorry for whomever triggered it. 

                     Or maybe you've figured out who she is.       

                                                                                  Any guesses?   


If you need a hint (or want proof that any single gal deserves so much attention), click on a few of these links.  Because for the next 10 days, each of these writers (12 + me) will post one blog per day.  All about this one mysterious woman.

2 better than 1                  Satisfied by Love               Blessed Beyond Measure 
     Jennifer Sikora          Faith Filled Food for Moms        Karen Dawkins  

Before you start browsing, though, feel free to leave your best guess here.  


  1. Very interesting!! I really had to read closely and I do know who you are talking about. Great attention grabber.

  2. Ha! Great post! I love the way you posed the questions and I definitely relate to how you feel about her! I look forward to reading more...


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